At AGP, we provide the printing solutions that you need!

With a wide variety of products and the flexibility to adjust to your unique requirements, we provide services to individuals, agencies small companies and big corporations. No job is too small or big. Just tell us what you need! Commercial printing is our business. Our experienced team of experts will work with you through the entire process of creating a memorable printed piece. Whether it is the letterhead for your new office or the annual circular program of a big retailer, at AGP we use the latest technology in commercial printing equipment to provide the consistent quality you are looking for. We produce innovative print advertising pieces that connect with your customers and deliver better results for your business.

Some of our solutions are:

  • Shoppers/Circulars – Showcase your products’ offers in a variety of traditional or innovative formats. Tab, Standard, Tri-fold, Tab with pockets, wraps, fake pop ups, etc.
  • Inserts - Get attention and generate traffic for your brand with unique promotional pieces. Your creativity is the limit! We can print the traditional formats as well as those that will grab your customers’ attention with innovative die cut designs or with larger than the newspaper formats.
  • Magazines – Appeal to your specific target audience through formats, colors and unsurpassed printing quality
  • Press Kits, Stationery, Calendars – Make your company stand out with high quality printed materials
  • Brochures, Posters, Flyers, Post Cards - Important additional components of your promotional plan
  • Directories - AGP has the production capacity to produce large quantities of any type of directory, so that you can comply with your industry’s requirements

And many more... we are a made to order company, just tell us what you need! We can also do multiple versions to serve your different market needs.

Choose a partner with proven expertise

Leading retailers and consumer businesses across the U.S., the Caribbean and Puerto Rico trust AGP to deliver results. From grocery to electronics, we produce millions of advertising inserts annually and have the industry experience to deliver results for your business.

Industries we serve include:

  • Retail - Grocery, Pharmacy, Electronics, Department Stores, Home Furnishing, Home Improvement, Office Supplies
  • Consumer services - Entertainment, Telecom, Health Services, Financial Services
  • Consumer and commercial products - Automotive, Food and beverage, Pet products
  • Newspapers and Media - Newspapers, Publishers, Advertising agencies
  • Others - Tourism, Townships, Associations, Events, etc.

Other important topics

Safety & Confidentiality
AGP is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients and understands its importance in our competitive business environment. All our production process is monitored 24/7 with CCTV System by the FRG Security Department. We have armed 24 hour security officers in all our facilities and controlled access to the buildings, internal & surrounding areas.

Paper Quality & Management
AGP works with the main paper suppliers in PR, US, Canada & Europe. At your request, we can provide you with the certification from the paper mill, establishing all the paper data (mill, weight, grade, etc). For those clients who provide their own paper, we work with Paper Manager to maintain inventory control. Otherwise, our computerized internal system LOGIC, maintains track of all our processes.

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Our latest technological advance


AGP Online is a powerful internet solution that simplifies and streamlines all the Pre Press process; from job submission to status tracking and approval.

Quality at AGP means…

  • A committed and experienced team
  • The most technologically advanced printing equipment
  • Wide range of sheet fed and web presses
  • Quality controls & attention to every detail
  • Consistent customer satisfaction
  • Industry experience to deliver results for your business


PRMSDC/NMSDC certified supplier